Who, me?

Believe me, you don’t want an unfiltered view of the inside of this warped brain!  If you’ve ever heard of knowing enough to be dangerous, then you might have an inkling of what it’s like in there.  Still, I suppose I owe you some of the tamer tidbits since you were kind enough to peek.

I am the son of a prolific writer of theology and church history, but that has little to do with my own reasons for swishing the quill.  Maybe that denial is more telling than whatever I am likely to reveal next, I don’t know.  I’ve spent a lot of good years in academia as a professional student, but then it was time for a career of some kind.  What fell into my lap had nothing whatsoever to do with any of my three undergrad majors, but I had some connections and a record that proved that I could at least learn new things.

Those days, around 4400 of them, taught as least as much as had my six and a half years of carefree college life.  The pay was good, but the feeling of career was completely absent.  I felt like my life didn’t really mean anything because what I was doing was not really that important.  I retooled before that corporation went bust, and I earned a license as a public school teacher.  I had wanted to do that in the first place, and now, nearly 3000 days later, I can say that I am finally doing something that really matters.

I have a wife and some kids, but they should be left out of this part.  Unlike my father, I don’t want their stories to get mixed up with my own.  I have had more drama in my life than you could shake a Styx (sic) at, but of several things I am convinced.

1) My life matters only as much as I can add true value to the lives of others.

2) This world is not ever going to be a particularly great place to be, all things considered.

3) Without Jesus, life just doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m going to follow him in my pathetic, broken down way.

4) God wants people to be real, not perfect.  The big guys in the Bible were all sinners, no matter how hard they tried not to be.  God loved them most when they were real with Him.

5) It’s not very hard to be humble once life gets a hold of you.  You aren’t going to fool anyone for very long if you can’t deal with this.

6) If God is not real, then there is no point.  None.

7) Science is as much of a religion as any other religion.

8) Science can help us to see amazing things, but God will never be one of them.

9) We have minds because God wants us to use them, but our minds are limited.  What we gain in knowledge is nothing unless we make equal gains in wisdom.  We aren’t known for that last one at all.  We will never outgrow our need for God, no matter how much we know.  Knowledge will finally lead back to God, but only wisdom will choose Him.

Perhaps I’ll add more, but none of these thoughts are new in the world.  I just want to claim them as ones I believe, too.

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